A view of the Mawddach Estuary on a clear spring day with woodland lining the shores.
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A wealth of treasures to discover and enjoy

Eryri’s uninterrupted landscapes contain a wealth of treasures to discover and enjoy. From remote hidden pools to magnificent high peaks, from rare and vulnerable species to a rich and unique culture.

Wild carneddau pony stares into the camera
Landscapes and Wildlife
Landscapes of breathtaking variety and wildlife of international importance—these are some of the National Park's greatest attractions.
Landscapes and Wildlife
A farmer looks over her fields
Culture, Language and Community
The National Park has inspired a host of artists worldwide and is a stronghold of Welsh culture and identity.
Culture, Language and Community
And we’ll smile as we enter these rocky portals, because moments here, can enlighten lifetimes. —Ifor ap Glyn
Drone photo of Dolbadarn Castle
History and Heritage
Eryri is a backdrop to a rich history and heritage. From stone monuments to medieval castles, the landscape is full of history and tradition, ready to be discovered.
History and Heritage
Culture and Language
Place names
A significant number of Eryri residents speak Welsh as a daily language, and it can be seen in the unique place names of some areas of the National Park.
History and Heritage
Yr Ysgwrn
The childhood home of one of Wales's most prominent poets and a symbol of Welsh poetic tradition and culture.
Landscapes and Wildlife
Dark Skies
A new world is waiting to be discovered in Eryri between dusk and dawn.
Landscapes and Wildlife
These wet landscapes are one of the National Park's most important secrets.
Landscapes and Wildlife
From the famous summit of Yr Wyddfa to the quieter, remote peaks, Eryri's uplands are a paradise for walkers and hikers as well as wildlife of international importance.
Discover Eryri

Friendly communities, an ancient minority language, uninterrupted landscapes and incredible species.

A strong community identity
The communities of Eryri are spread over five towns and twenty-four villages—each with a strong identity that is deeply felt by its residents and visitors.
The Welsh language
The strength of the Welsh language in Eryri is one of the National Park's defining features. This is the first language of most of the Park's communities.
Outstanding landscape
Eryri has nine mountain ranges, fifteen peaks over 3,000 feet and twenty-three miles of sweeping coastline.
Fascinating geology
Five hundred million years ago, Yr Wyddfa was underwater.
Species of international importance
Eryri is home to many species of animals, insects, plants and fungi of international importance.
Rare species
One of Eryri's rarest species is Lili'r Wyddfa (Lily Yr Wyddfa)—a plant only found on the highest summits.