A view of the Mawddach Estuary on a clear spring day with woodland lining the shores.
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A backdrop to an extensive history and heritage that spans centuries

The landscape of Eryri is a backdrop to an extensive history and heritage that spans centuries. One of the National Park’s most notable qualities is the fact that this history can still be seen and experienced across the landscape and in communities—from magnificent medieval castles to industrial and archaeological remains.

Sygun copper mine in Nant Gwynant
Industrial Heritage
Industrial remains can be found throughout the National Park area, including various mines and small slate quarries that were active before the tremendous growth of the slate industry.
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Detail of Cymer Abbey arches
Castles and Historical Sites
From hidden castles of Welsh princes to Roman forts, the National Park contains historical sites of international importance.
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Statue of Gelert the hound at Beddgelert
Mythology and Folklore
The landscape of Eryri is the backdrop to a wide variety of mythology and folklore, from the Mabinogi to the tales that are reflected in place names.
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Archaeological treasures are dotted throughout Eryri's landscape. Roman forts and roads, cairns and burial chambers, and prehistoric remains of all kinds can be seen throughout the area.
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An aerial photograph of the Yr Ysgwrn farmhouse
Cultural Heritage
From its language, traditions and art—Eryri's cultural heritage is of national importance.
Cultural Heritage