A view of the Mawddach Estuary on a clear spring day with woodland lining the shores.
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Play a part in protecting the special qualities of Eryri by becoming an Ambassador

Launched in December 2020, the Eryri Ambassador Scheme is an unique training opportunity to learn about what makes Eryri exceptional and playing a part in protecting the National Park for generations to come.

Who can complete the accreditation scheme?

The Eryri Ambassador Scheme was originally developed for the local business tourism industry but offers high quality training to anyone who wishes to learn more about the National Park.

Why should I become an ambassador?

Becoming an Eryri Ambassador has many benefits.

High quality training opportunity
The Eryri Ambassador Scheme is a fantastic high quality training opportunity with rich and varied content created specifically for the scheme.
Flexible learning
Complete the course online at your own pace and time.
Protecting Snowdonia
Becoming an Eryri Ambassador is the perfect way to play a part in protecting Eryri for generations to come.
Learning about the National Park
The Ambassador Scheme is an opportunity to understand and learn about what makes Snowdonia such an exceptional place.
Be part of the Ambassador Community
By being accredited as an Eryri Ambassador, you will join a community of over 1000 Eryri Ambassadors.

The National Park’s Special Qualities

All National Park have a clearly defined list of ‘Special Qualities’. They set out what makes the area special and unique.

This combination of Special Qualities are at the core of why Eryri was designated a National Park. The Eryri Ambassador Scheme has a module on each of Eryri’s Special Qualities.

  • Diverse Landscapes
    Diverse landscapes and seascapes raging from coast to rolling uplands to rugged mountains, beautiful and unspoilt valley and coastal settings.
  • Community Cohesion
    A robust sense of community identity and vitality combine to create a strong sense of place and belonging in Eryri’s 24 villages and 5 towns.
  • Vibrancy of the Welsh language
    The vibrancy of the Welsh language is most obvious in Eryri as it continues to be the language of choice in professional and social environments.
  • Inspiration to the Arts
    Snowdonia has inspired some of the nation’s most notable culture, folklore, art, literature and music.
  • Tranquillity and Solitude
    Tranquillity still prevails in many parts of Eryri, both during the day, in its large, remote and rugged mountain ranges; and during the night under the awe-inspiring dark skies.
  • Recreation, Leisure and Learning
    Eryri offers extensive opportunities for recreation, leisure and learning for people of all ages and abilities.
  • Historic Landscapes
    The landscapes and townscapes of Eryri have been crafted by centuries of human activity.
  • Renowned Geology
    Eryri is a complex story of colliding continents, volcanoes, mountain formation, changing sea levels and glaciations that were involved in creating the area.
  • Internationally Important Habitats and Species
    There are 17 National Nature Reserves and 56 Sites of Special Scientific Interest. Testament to the tremendous biodiversity which is reflected in the varied landscape.

Becoming an Ambassador

To become an ambassador, you will need to complete a series of online training modules. You will be able to choose from a wide array of modules including modules on the National Park’s Special Qualities as well as other modules such as an introduction to the work of the Park Authority. All the module’s exhibit rich and varied content contributed by the National Park Authority, local experts, artists and poets.

Your accreditation score will depend on the amount of modules you complete.

Bronze accreditation

By successfully completing the 3 initial required modules, you will be accredited as a Bronze Ambassador.

Silver accreditation

After completing 6 modules, you will be accredited as a Silver Ambassador.

Gold accreditation

Completing 9 modules will meant that you will be accredited as a Gold Ambassador, the highest Eryri Ambassador accreditation.

Become an Ambassador