A view of the Mawddach Estuary on a clear spring day with woodland lining the shores.
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The best advice on visiting Eryri from the National Park Authority

The National Park Authority’s expert visiting guides provide comprehensive tips and advice on all aspects of visiting Eryri, including new routes and trails, countryside safety, and how to plan your visit.

Sherpa'r Wyddfa bus at Pen y Pass on a bright, sunny day.
Getting to Yr Wyddfa

The best and most efficent way of getting to Yr Wyddfa.

Getting to Yr Wyddfa

Cyclists on the Mawddach trail
How to visit Eryri without a car

Visiting Eryri without a car might sound like a daunting endeavour, but it’s easier than you think.

Visit without a car

Yr Wyddfa: Choosing the right path

A guide on choosing the right path to Yr Wyddfa’s summit.

Choosing the right path

View of walkers on Llyn Idwal lakeside with snow across the landscape
When is the best time to visit Eryri?

The perfect guide to decide when to visit Eryri.

Best time to visit Eryri

A view of the Mawddach with Barmouth Bridge in the distance
Best walks in Eryri if you're visiting without a car

The best walks in Eryri if you’re visiting without a car.

Best walks without a car

Statue of Gelert the hound at Beddgelert
5 Eryri walks steeped in mythology and folklore

The best walks to explore the mythology and folklore of Eryri.

Mythology and folklore walks

Llyn Llydaw causeway streches over the lake on a srping day.
Yr Wyddfa: The name's meaning and how to pronounce it

The meaning of and how to pronounce the name of Wales’ highest summit.

Pronouncing Yr Wyddfa