A view of the Mawddach Estuary on a clear spring day with woodland lining the shores.
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A place of pride and belonging that's bursting with Welsh culture

For centuries, Eryri’s landscape has been the backdrop for Welsh art and culture.

An artist work at her kiln
Inspiring Art
Eryri's breathtaking landscape has long inspired art of all kinds. It is little wonder that artists from all over the world love to depict the vast landscape of Eryri on canvas, in song and through poetry.
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Cader Idris sign stands along Snowdonia National Park emblem
A stronghold of the Welsh language
The Welsh language is at the heart of the unique and vibrant culture of Eryri and is spoken naturally in its communities. It is a language that is part of the identity of the area and the identity of the people.
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A rock musician plays at an event in Sesiwn Fawr Dolgellau
A vibrant and unique culture
Eryri's small communities are home to a vibrant culture of Welsh traditions, art and societies. Here, language and culture weave together to create a rich and unique identity.
Gwilym Bowen Rhys: Llinell Gul Eryri
Snowdonia National Park boundary sign on the road to Nantlle
Communities of Eryri
There is a strong sense of place and belonging in Eryri National Park. The communities throughout Eryri are friendly Welsh communities that take pride in their language, culture and the area they call home.
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A place of culture, language and art

The landscape of Eryri is a backdrop to a unique culture and language, and art that is as valuable as its magnificent peaks and fascinating historical ruins.

Local Eisteddfodau have been held in the communities of Eryri for well over a century.
Place names
Many of the Park's Welsh place names reference the mythology or folklore of that area.
The Welsh language
Welsh is the first language of over 58% of Eryri National Park's population. It is seen in place names and heard every day in the area's towns and villages.
Inspiring the arts
Renowned artist William Turner often visited Eryri to paint some of the area's most famous landscapes.
People of Eryri
The people of Eryri have made a social, religious and cultural difference all over the world.
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