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Snowdonia — Inspiring varied and vibrant art

Snowdonia is a place that has inspired some of the nation’s most prestigious works of art, including poetry, music and visual art of all kinds.

The stunning National Park landscape continues to inspire today and contributes greatly to the culture and identity of the area.

Snowdonia in words
Some of the most well-known poems of the Welsh language were inspired by Snowdonia. Some of Wales' greatest poets lived in the area and drew constant inspiration from the surrounding landscape. Snowdonia's most famous poems include 'Bro' by T.H. Parry-Williams, 'Tryfan' by Eurig Salisbury and 'Atgo' by Hedd Wyn.
Snowdonia on canvas
There is no better example of Snowdonia's inspiration on art than on canvas. A long tradition of landscape painters drawing inspiration from Snowdonia ranges from early artists such as Richard Wilson and William Turner to contemporary artists such as Lisa Eurgain Taylor and Kyffin Williams.
The Musician
Snowdonia on the stage
In 2013, Snowdonia's incredible landscape was used to stage Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru's production of 'Blodeuwedd'. The production was performed at Tomen y Mur, Trawsfynydd—the original setting of this remarkable tale from the legendary collection, the Mabinogi.
Snowdonia in song
Ancient Welsh traditions of folk song and poetry have endured in Snowdonia since the days of poets entertaining in the courts of the princes. Snowdonia is also home to a vibrant contemporary music scene, with the Welsh language playing a significant part in the area's musical culture.
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