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Develop your understanding of the National Park through the Snowdonia Young Ranger Scheme

The Snowdonia National Park Young Rangers Scheme is a fantastic opportunity to work alongside National Park experts and to discover more about the beautiful and diverse landscape of Snowdonia.

In collaboration with The Outdoor Partnership, Snowdonia National Park Authority can now offer placements for enthusiastic individuals aged between 14–17 with an interest in both outdoor adventure and the environment.

What does the scheme offer?

The Snowdonia Young Rangers Scheme is a fantastic opportunity to learn, develop and, most of all, have fun!

Play a part in protecting Snowdonia
As a Young Ranger, you will be able to take part in vital conservation work ensuring that Snowdonia is protected for generations to come.
Discover Snowdonia National Park
Discover what makes Snowdonia National Park so special from its history and heritage, its culture and its diverse wildlife and landscape.
Participate in outdoor activities
Take part in fun outdoor activities such as mountain walking, water sports and climbing.
Work alongside National Park experts
As a Young Ranger, you will be work alongside National Park staff who have an expert knowledge of Snowdonia.
About the Young Ranger Scheme

As a Young Ranger, you will be invited to participate in fun activities such as mountain walking, water sports and climbing.

You will also be given training and development opportunities by working with National Park staff and wardens.

Rangers will develop on-the-job skills through:

  • working on a range of practical tasks
  • working with groups of volunteers
  • engaging with the public.

As a Young Ranger, you will become actively involved in the care and management of the National Park, including its historic sites, tourist hot-spots, woodlands and nature reserves.

The scheme will allow you to understand, value and contribute to conserving, enhancing and enjoying the National Park’s distinctive natural and cultural qualities.

This is a particularly great opportunity for those who are considering pursuing careers in sectors such as agriculture, the environment, the outdoors, sports and leisure, and tourism.

Not only will it sharpen skillsets, but it will also present opportunities to try new experiences and hobbies for the first time. You will also have your say in the Authority’s Youth Manifesto and on behalf of other young people in the community.

There may be opportunities to meet other services crucial to the area, and even potential ‘exchange programs’ with other national parks.

The scheme will take place across many locations in Snowdonia National Park including lakes, rivers, woodlands and mountainous landscapes.

You will visit a new part of the National Park on each activity day and you’ll be sure to discover something new about Snowdonia each time!

Assistance with travel and ‘pick-up points’ by minibus may be arranged for those who require it.

The scheme typically involves one day of activities a month, usually on a Saturday or Sunday. These activity days are called Young Ranger Days.

Young Ranger Days will be split in half between a fun, physical activity and conservation work.

Occasionally, there will be an opportunity for a residential weekend in the National Park.

There is no fee for applying and fulfilling the role of a Snowdonia Young Ranger and, if successful, you are free to choose which days you’d like to participate.

Once the scheme is underway, there will be regular monthly online meetings to discuss Young Ranger Days and for successful Rangers to ask any questions they may have.

The first Young Ranger Day will be held on the 23 July, 2022.

If you are interested in becoming a Young Ranger, but will not be able to attend the first Young Ranger Day, please get in touch with the National Park Authority’s Young Person’s Officer.

Ailish Roberts
Young Person’s Officer, Snowdonia National Park

How to apply

Applicants for the Young Ranger Scheme must be aged between 14-17, and live in north Wales (preferably within or on the outskirts of Snowdonia National Park).

Both Welsh-speaking and English-speaking applicants are accepted. No prior experience is required – only a willingness to learn and engage!

If you have any enquiries at all regarding the Young Ranger Scheme, then please do not hesitate to contact the National Park Authority’s Young People’s Officer.

Ailish Roberts
Young People’s Officer, Snowdonia National Park Authority

Please note that applicants may not be successful due to high demand and limited availability in spaces.

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