A view of the Mawddach Estuary on a clear spring day with woodland lining the shores.
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Betws y Coed is known for its impressive landscapes and outdoor adventure opportunities. Thanks to the support of the Eryri Communities Fund, the village has taken a significant stride toward promoting sustainable transportation and enhancing the cycling experience for both locals and visitors alike.

This recent endeavour, made possible through funding from the Eryri Communities Fund, centres on the installation of public bicycle maintenance stations, complete with e-bike charging facilities, and a convenient drinking water refill station. Strategically situated outside the village’s central public toilets, these amenities are tailored to cater to the needs of cyclists traversing the paths in Betws y Coed and its surrounding areas.

A key feature of the project is the provision of e-bike charging stations, reflecting the growing popularity of electric bikes as a sustainable form of transport. By offering this facility, Betws y Coed not only encourages the use of e-bikes but also supports the effort to reduce carbon emissions and promote environmentally friendly travel options.

In addition to the e-bike charging facilities, adding a drinking water refill station at Cae Llan and Pont-y-Pair also reduces plastic waste by offering a convenient option for cyclists and other visitors to refill their bottles. This initiative not only benefits cyclists but also aligns with broader environmental objectives, aimed at reducing single-use plastics and championing sustainable practices.

The implementation of this project underlines Betws y Coed’s commitment to promoting cycling as a sustainable method of travel and fostering a vibrant community focused on outdoor activities. By having the support of the Eryri Communities Fund, the village has succeeded in creating an infrastructure that not only meets the needs of cyclists but also contributes to the general well-being of the community. As Betws-y-coed continues to position itself as a major destination for outdoor enthusiasts, initiatives like this are testament to the village’s dedication to sustainable development and preserving its natural beauty for generations to come.