A view of the Mawddach Estuary on a clear spring day with woodland lining the shores.
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‘Carneddi’ in the village of Nantmor near Beddgelert was the home of the poet Carneddog, where he lived until 1945, working as a sheep farmer. He was a prolific contributor to magazines such as ‘Cymru’ and the newspapers ‘Baner ac Amserau Cymru’ and ‘Yr Herald Cymraeg’ as well as a variety of books – from biographies of poets such as ‘Jac Glanygors’ and ‘Glaslyn’ to anthologies such as ‘Blodau’r Gynghanedd’ and ‘Cerddi Eryri’.

Carneddog was also a keen collector of books and manuscripts and known as a local historian.

He was married to Catherine, also from Nantmor, and they had two sons.

In 1945, Carneddog and his wife left their home in Nantmor to move to Hinckley, Leicestershire, where their son lived. Photographer Geoff Charles photographed the pair looking out over their home before they moved, and is arguably the most well-known of his photographs.

Carneddog died in Hinckley in 1947 and is buried in Beddgelert cemetery.