A view of the Mawddach Estuary on a clear spring day with woodland lining the shores.
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With the bank holiday and half term approaching, the National Park Authority, Gwynedd Council, Conwy Council, Traffic Wales, and North Wales Police are joining forces to urge visitors to experience Eryri sustainably.

Eryri National Park is an area of exceptional natural beauty that attracts visitors from far and wide. However, the surge in popularity also brings challenges to the delicate balance of the environment and local communities. To ensure the preservation of this remarkable area, it is crucial that visitors adopt sustainable practices and adhere to the guidance provided.

Chief Inspector Gethin Jones, North Wales Police said:

“Irresponsible parking not only endangers pedestrians, cyclists and other road users but also prevents emergency vehicle access. We have previously witnessed pedestrians with young children, having to walk in the road in areas such as Llyn Ogwen and Pen-y-Pass because of the selfish actions of a minority – this is clearly unacceptable. Only recently we had cause to close the A5 because of the dangers posed to road users.

We will continue to work with our partners to help reduce the risk to all road users, and anybody found to be parked on the clearway or causing an obstruction risk having their vehicle removed at their own expense. Please heed the warning.”

Parking and transport regulations play a vital role in managing the influx of visitors to popular hotspots within the National Park. Traffic Wales and local authorities have implemented measures to address congestion and ensure the safety of all road users. Visitors are encouraged to check  websites and social media channels for information on parking availability, alternative transport options, and live traffic updates.

A spokesperson for Traffic Wales said:

“We want as many people as possible to enjoy what the National Park has to offer safely and responsibly. All road users should plan ahead and avoid disruption by considering more sustainable options for their journeys, travelling outside peak times and, if arriving by car, parking in designated parking areas.”

All organisations are emphasising the importance of following the Countryside Code, being aware of parking and transport regulations, and having a backup plan. We are also pleased to announce the release of new sustainable visit guides available on the National Park Authority’s website.

Emyr Williams, the National Park Authority Chief Executive said:

“By launching the new visiting guides section on our website, we are empowering visitors to experience Eryri sustainably, explore the area without a car, and choose the right path for Yr Wyddfa.

These guides serve as invaluable resources, providing insights and practical tips that will enable individuals to make informed decisions, reduce their impact on the environment, and ensure a memorable and responsible visit to our cherished National Park.”

During peak periods, visitors to the National Park are encouraged to use the Park and Ride facilities or dedicated parking areas if arriving by car. Visitors who wish to use the Pen y Pass car park must pre-book their parking space to ensure availability and alleviate congestion.

Vehicle owners should abide by the new parking restrictions in the Ogwen Valley, as failure to do so may result in the issuing of a penalty charge notice (PCN) or even the removal of the vehicle.

Additionally, respecting the community of Nant Gwynant by following local guidelines, being mindful of noise and take all litter home with you.

Councillor Dafydd Meurig, Cyngor Gwynedd’s Cabinet Member for the Environment, said:

“Our message to people thinking ahead to the holiday period is to plan their visit and activities in advance. Use the appropriate car parks and make the most of the bus services available to explore the area.

The Sherpa bus service runs regularly and connects popular routes around Yr Wyddfa and other services such as community electric buses also offer services in the area. This enables people to park in appropriate car parks before enjoying the mountains of Eryri and other popular local attractions.

As a Council we work closely with North Wales Police, Eryri National Park and other partners to monitor parking trends. Staff from all authorities work together to keep the public safe and we ask residents and visitors to bear this is mind when visiting and to treat our staff with respect and kindness.

We want to see everyone enjoy the area safely. But as has happened in the past, if motorists park illegally we will take appropriate action for public safety.”

The Countryside Code outlines the principles of responsible outdoor behaviour, including respecting others, protecting wildlife and livestock, and leaving no trace. Visitors are urged to familiarise themselves with the code and follow its recommendations to safeguard the Park’s unique landscapes and biodiversity.

In light of the anticipated high visitor numbers, the organisations emphasise the need for a backup plan. If the desired destination is too busy, visitors are encouraged to explore alternative areas that offer equally stunning landscapes and recreational opportunities.

Notes to editors

  1. Visiting Guides on how to visit Eryri sustainably
  2. Traffic Wales Alerts Web Page
  3. Information about parking at Pen y Pass
  4. Sherpa’r Wyddfa Timetables
  5. Eryri Parking App
  6. For more information contact Ioan Gwilym, the National Park’s Corporate Services Communications Officer on 01766 772253 / 07900267506 or ioan.gwilym@eryri.llyw.cymru