A view of the Mawddach Estuary on a clear spring day with woodland lining the shores.
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The National Park Authority is thrilled to announce the launch of an innovative and exciting communications campaign led by ‘Yr Wyddfa Plastic Free Project.’

With a mission to combat littering and promote sustainable practices, this groundbreaking initiative aims to raise awareness, inspire positive behaviour changes, and position Eryri as a leading environmentally conscious destination.

The Authority worked in partnership with some passionate social media influencers who have taken on Mabinogion characters interacting with litter in popular National Park locations. Through this creative approach, the campaign aims to capture attention, spark conversations, and underscore the importance of taking all litter home and eliminating single-use plastics.


Alec Young, the National Park’s ‘Plastic Free Yr Wyddfa Project Officer’ said:

“We believe in the transformative power of storytelling and creativity. By combining traditional Welsh folklore with real-world issues, we hope to engage a wide audience and bring meaningful changes to our beloved National Park.”


The campaign’s objectives extend beyond raising awareness of littering issues. The Authority aims to inspire positive behavioural shifts, encouraging locals and visitors alike to become stewards of the environment. By highlighting the detrimental effects of littering and single-use plastics, the ‘Yr Wyddfa Plastic Free Project’ aspires to ignite conversations, promote collective responsibility and foster a cleaner, greener Eryri.

Furthermore, the campaign emphasises the economic benefits of becoming a plastic-free destination. By embracing sustainable practices, Eryri can position itself as an attractive and environmentally conscious choice for eco-tourists. Through increased visitor numbers and support from conscious consumers, local businesses, organisations, and land managers stand to gain long-term economic advantages.

To maximize the reach of the ‘Yr Wyddfa Plastic Free Project,’ the National Park Authority has implemented a multi-channel communications strategy. Social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, will feature captivating content created by the Mabinogion-inspired influencers. Additionally, the Authority’s website will serve as a central hub for information, resources, and updates.

Visible throughout the National Park, eye-catching posters will be displayed at strategic locations at National Park Authority sites, urging visitors to take action and join the movement towards a plastic-free future. Moreover, a comprehensive digital toolkit has been developed, providing businesses, organisations, and land managers with the resources needed to embrace sustainable practices within their operations.

As an exciting addition, the ‘Yr Wyddfa Plastic Free Project’ campaign will unveil a captivating behind the scenes video accompanied by a song by local composer Hero Douglas that merges Welsh culture, nature, and the urgency of plastic reduction. This creative initiative aims to engage audiences across generations and inspire action through the universal language of music.

The National Park Authority invites everyone to join the ‘Yr Wyddfa Plastic Free Project’ and play an active role in safeguarding our natural environment. By working together, we can preserve the beauty of Eryri for generations to come and create a better future for all.


Notes to editors

  1. The campaign launches on the 24th of June
  2. The Digital Toolkit and more information about the ‘Yr Wyddfa Plastic Free Project’ will be available on our website.
  3. The creative team behind the photoshoot were Sol Agency, Graded Films & FfotoNant
  4. The social media influencers who took part in the campaign were Danny Grainger, Stacey Taylor, Tom Ryan & Hayley Roberts.
  5. For more information contact Ioan Gwilym, The National Park’s Corporate Services Communications Officer on 01766 772253 / 07900267506 or ioan.gwilym@eryri.llyw.cymru