A view of the Mawddach Estuary on a clear spring day with woodland lining the shores.
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Do you want to win £1,500 to help make Eryri plastic-free?

Do you want to attend the 1st environmental summit on Yr Wyddfa?

What is your winning Big Idea?

Yr Wyddfa

24 September, 2024

You have a unique opportunity to shape the future of Yr Wyddfa, how will you seize it?

The summit of Yr Wyddfa is 5% microplastics and volunteer groups collected over half a car’s weight of rubbish from the slopes in just six months. This is why the Eryri National Park Authority ™ started the Plastic Free Yr Wyddfa project – to put an end to plastic pollution.

Now, the Eryri National Park Authority is inviting you to help us combat the problem.

In June 2024, you could be called up – along with other pupils from across North Wales - to pitch your Big Idea to reduce single-use pollution at COPA1: the first environmental summit on Yr Wyddfa.

If your Big Idea makes the cut, you’ll be invited to join us on Yr Wyddfa, to pitch it to experts in their field. The experts will tell you how to turn your ideas into reality during focused incubator sessions. A winning group from each session will be picked.

Winning groups will receive £1,500 prize money to turn ideas into reality and they will be supported with mentorship from the experts they worked with to deliver their projects.

Apply to attend here

For more information e-mail copa@eryri.llyw.cymru



Please see event details on booking requirements.


You have a unique opportunity to shape the future of Yr Wyddfa, how will you seize it?