A view of the Mawddach Estuary on a clear spring day with woodland lining the shores.
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Yr Ysgwrn, Hedd Wyn’s home in Trawsfynydd, will extend their offer to groups this year by providing more experiences and guided tours outside.

Yr Ysgwrn, Hedd Wyn’s home in Trawsfynydd, will extend their offer to groups this year by providing more experiences and guided tours outside.
Yr Ysgwrn has seen a drop in visitor numbers over the last two years due to the Covid restrictions and lockdowns.

But this year, they hope to be able to offer guided tours of the farmhouse as well as new group walks around the ffridd (the Ysgwrn farmland) and Trawsfynydd village.

Yr Ysgwrn is owned by Snowdonia National Park since Hedd Wyn’s nephew, the late Gerald Williams, sold it to them in 2012.

Naomi Jones, Head of Cultural Heritage at Snowdonia National Park, with responsibility for Yr Ysgwrn, said,

“The lockdown period and restrictions over the last two years have made us look at the wider potential of Yr Ysgwrn and how we can make better use of the outside space to give a complete picture of Hedd Wyn’s life.

As a farmer’s son and a young boy, he probably spent much of his life in the ffridd or village, and we want to include the wider environment in which he grew up for the groups that visit.”

Yr Ysgwrn intends to offer a tour of the ffridd – the land and views that would have inspired many of the poet’s poems. Plaques with Hedd Wyn’s poems have already been placed at relevant points on the path through the ffridd.

They will also be offering a guided tour of the village of Trawsfynydd, to show important places such as where Hedd Wyn was born, the family chapel and the history of the memorial in the centre of the village.

Naomi added,

“It’s exciting to be able to extend our offer to groups. The tour of the farmhouse will still be important and key to giving an insight into Hedd Wyn’s life, but these guided walks will give groups a little something extra

It also means that groups from the local area and further afield can make a day of it at Yr Ysgwrn and be immersed in the fascinating history.

A group visit costs £ 12.50 per person, and includes a tour of the farmhouse, a talk about Hedd Wyn’s life and a cuppa and cake in the café.

If you are looking to take one of the new guided tours, either instead or in addition to the farmhouse tour, feel free to get in touch to discuss a price by emailing yr.ysgwrn@eryri.llyw.cymru.”

Yr Ysgwrn will open to the public on April 1st, 2022. Members of the public are welcome to explore the ffridd trails for free, but only groups will be offered guided walks around the ffridd and village.

To book tickets or for more details, visit www.yrysgwrn.com

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