A view of the Mawddach Estuary on a clear spring day with woodland lining the shores.
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Nature’s ability to improve our well-being

Getting out into nature is one of the many ways we can improve our well-being. Not only is it beneficial to our physical health, but also our mental health.

Some research suggests that people who feel more connected to nature tend to lead happier lives. A study on the benefits of nature to mental wellbeing by The Mental Health Foundation revealed that 49% of people said that being close to nature helped them cope with stress.

How does nature improve our well-being?

According to research, being in nature promotes feelings of calm and serenity within ourselves. These feelings in turn promote the release of hormones such as oxytocin, which are hormones that make us feel more relaxed and content.

Studies into the Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku (forest bathing) have confirmed the calming effects of being in nature, with
benefits for both physical and mental health.

How to have mindful adventures

Being mindful on our adventures in Eryri can involve utilising the mindfulness principles of observation and awareness. We can notice when the mind starts wander, notice the movement of our body as we take a step or notice the sounds of a woodland during a leisurely stroll. By being aware of our emotions and to where our attention wanders, we can start to practice ways to bring our attention to the present and appreciate the moment we are currently in.

Gwenan Roberts is a mindfulness practitioner with years of experience. Watch the video below to see Gwenan tell us about the mindful benefits of going out into nature.

A still from a video about mindfulness—the presenter is standing facing the camera in a woodland.
How to explore Eryri mindfully