A view of the Mawddach Estuary on a clear spring day with woodland lining the shores.
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Barbecues and open fires can cause wildfires

Always take extreme care when using barbecues or lighting fire in the National Park. Avoid lighting fires and using barbecues if you can.

The dangers of barbecues and open fires

Barbecues and open fires are one of the main causes of wildfires. Failing to extinguish the barbecue fully or not disposing it properly can increase the risk of accidental wildfires. Wildfires severly damage the landscape of Eryri. You should avoid using barbecues and lighting fires if you can.

Additionally, most of the National Park’s land is privately-owned. You will need to get the permission of the landowner before lighting any barbecue or fire.

Cooking in the outdoors

Many campsites in Eryri allow the use of gas stoves and barbecues. Open fires can also be lit on some sites. If you do light a barbecue or fire, always remember to:

  • find a suitable surface to light the fire or place the barbecue
  • make sure you extinguish the fire or barbecue fully
  • never leave rubbish behind