Mawddach Estuary
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Most of the land in the Snowdonia National Park is privately owned. Access using a bicycle is only allowed on specific paths and routes.

Access for off-road cycling and mountain biking

Many paths and routes in Snowdonia National Park allow access for off-road cycling. However, it is helpful to familiarise yourself with the rules before heading out on your trail.

You can use the following types of paths for off-road cycling:

  • bridleways
  • restricted byways
  • byway open to all traffic
  • designated cycle tracks and routes

It is important to note that:

  • Public Footpaths are for pedestrians only
  • On open access land there is no right of access with a bicycle without the landowner’s permission, except where an existing bridleway or restricted byway crosses the land

Mountain biking on Snowdon

Please be aware that there are restrictions in place during particular times of the year which affect off-road cycling access on Snowdon.

Mountain Biking on Snowdon

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