A view of the Mawddach Estuary on a clear spring day with woodland lining the shores.
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Support Eryri's communities by shopping locally

There’s no doubt that Eryri’s stunning landscape is one of the area’s main attractions, but there is so much more to be found in the towns and villages as well.

The National Park is packed with local produce to sample, and supporting the area’s local producers and businesses is a great way to contribute to local communities.

An unique shopping experience

Shopping in Eryri National Park is a unique experience. The National Park is home to many local shops and businesses as well as independent enterprises.

Large supermarkets or chain stores are few and far between within the boundaries of Eryri, which is a testament to the enterprising spirit of the local communities and people.

Many of Eryri’s towns and villages are packed with narrow streets full of local food and produce, hidden pubs and cosy cafes.


From cosy cafes in medieval towns to modern restaurants, there are plenty of places to eat out in the National Park. Eryri boasts a large number of locally produced foods such as cheeses, meats, honey and ice cream.

Local ales lined up on a shop shelf

Eryri has a wide variety of pubs and taverns, located everywhere from the remote foothills to a secluded corner in a town or village. The pubs are great places to sample the area’s many locally produced beers, gins and wines. The National Park is also home to several coffee roasters.

Traditional Welsh blanket
Arts and Crafts

Living in such a dramatic landscape has inspired many to produce all kinds of unique works of art and crafts. There are numerous galleries dotted throughout the Park—usually selling the work of local artists and craftspeople. National Park Authority Information Centres also have a selection of local crafts for sale.