A view of the Mawddach Estuary on a clear spring day with woodland lining the shores.
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Protect the wildlife and landscapes of the National Park—follow the countryside code

By following the Countryside Code’s guidelines, we can ensure that Eryri’s areas and wildlife are protected for the future.

The Countryside Code is a guide to visiting the countryside, areas of natural beauty and agricultural areas such as Eryri National Park. You should follow the Countryside Code whenever you visit these areas.

The Countryside Code

Follow the Countryside Code to ensure that the National Park is protected for generations to come.

Keep dogs on a lead
Keeping your dog on a lead, especially when near livestock, is the best way to ensure the safety of you and your dog.
Take your litter home
Litter is damaging to Eryri's natural environment. You should also take any food waste home with you.
Respect plants and wildlife
Be careful not to damage and tread on plants or disturb nearby wildlife. Stay on the path where possible.
Follow signs and directions
Make sure you follow any directions on the path and do not ignore any signs warning you of dangers.
Stay on the path
Staying on the path helps to minimise the effects of land erosion, but do not take unsafe measures to stay on the path.
Leave gates as you found them
If you come across any open gates, leave them open. If you come across any closed gates, make sure you close them behind you.
Be considerate of other walkers
Always be considerate of other walkers. Don't obstruct paths, and remember that a friendly greeting always goes a long way.
Signs and Symbols of the Countryside
When venturing out into the countryside, you will likely come across signs and symbols that denote the access rights to paths and areas of land.
Public footpath symbol
Public Footpath

A yellow arrow denotes a public path for walkers and mobility aid users only.

Bridleway symbol

A blue arrow denotes a path for walkers, mobility aid users, cyclists and horse-riders only.

Restriced byway symbol
Restricted Byway

A purple arrow denotes a path for walkers, mobility aid users, cyclists, horse-riders and horse-drawn vehicles only.

Open access land symbol
Open Access Land

This type of land is open to walkers and people using mobility aids. It is indicated by a round brown symbol with a person walking over hills. Walkers do not have to stay on paths on open access land.

End of Open Access Land symbol
End of Open Access Land

A red cross over the brown symbol indicates the end of open access land.