A view of the Mawddach Estuary on a clear spring day with woodland lining the shores.
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Yr Wyddfa Ground Condition Reports have moved.

Winter Ground Conditions are now published on the Yr Wyddfa Live website.

View Reports on Yr Wyddfa Live

What are the Yr Wyddfa Ground Condition Reports?

Yr Wyddfa Ground Condition Reports, also known as winter ground condition reports, provide valuable insights into the weather and ground conditions on Yr Wyddfa. These reports are essential for hikers looking to explore the mountain during the winter season.

How should I use the the reports?

The reports should be an integral part of your preparations if you are considering hiking Yr Wyddfa during the late autumn or winter months. The weather and ground conditions on the mountain can be particulary treacherous during these seasons and the reports will provide you with detailed information on what to expect and how to plan around those expectations.

How often are the reports published?

Reports are published twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday.

Where to see the reports?

The Yr Wyddfa Ground Condition Reports are now published on the Yr Wyddfa Live website.

Visit Yr Wyddfa Live

What to consider when hiking Yr Wyddfa during winter

Hiking Yr Wyddfa during the winter months requires careful consideration and preparation. The mountain can be a challenging environment during these seasons, and conditions can change suddenly.

Advanced knowledge and skills
Hikers planning to venture onto Yr Wyddfa in autumn and winter should possess advanced knowledge and skills specific to winter hiking. These skills go beyond those required for summer hikes and include understanding snow and ice conditions, navigation in low visibility, and dealing with cold temperatures.
Specialized winter hiking equipment
Proper gear is essential for winter hiking. Hikers must be equipped with specialized gear designed for cold and icy conditions and have the knowledge of how to use them. Equipment can include items such as insulated clothing, crampons and ice axes.
Regularly check ground condition reports
Make it a routine to check the Yr Wyddfa Ground Condition Reports before heading out. These reports provide information on the mountain's conditions, giving you an insight into what to expect.
Be cautious and flexible
Be prepared to alter your plans or turn back if conditions deteriorate. Yr Wyddfa's weather can be unpredictable, and it's crucial to exercise caution and prioritize safety at all times.

Further information

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