A view of the Mawddach Estuary on a clear spring day with woodland lining the shores.
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A wooden boardwalk that stands within the Morfa Dyffryn National Nature Reserve

Benar boardwalk is a wooden boardwalk stretching out onto the sandy shores of Benar Beach.

The beach is located between Harlech and Barmouth and overlooks Cardigan Bay. To the north of the boardwalk sits Morfa Dyffryn—one of Wales’ most important dune systems.

Why this path?

Benar Beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the area and stands within the Morfa Dyffryn National Nature Reserve.

Morfa Dyffryn’s dune system is an impressive coastal landscape famous for its wealth of wildlife and specialised plants that vary from season to season.

The boardwalk is suitable for wheelchairs and prams, making it a fantastic place to spend time near the sea, enjoying views of the Llŷn Peninsula and Ynys Enlli (Bardsey Island).

Please note that part of the reserve is a designated naturist beach and is signed accordingly.

Particularly great for:
A member of the public using the Tramper on the Benar boardwalk
Using the Tramper on Benar Boardwalk

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The Route

The National Park Authority has categorised this route as an Easy Access for All route. It is suitable for people of all abilities, including people with conventional wheelchairs and pushchairs. The terrain consists of largely flat, even surfaces with no steps or steep sections. Comfortable shoes or trainers are suitable for this route.

Start / Finish
Morfa Dyffryn Car Park (SH 572 224)

Relevant OS Map
OS Explorer OL18 (Harlech, Porthmadog and Bala)

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Always park in designated parking areas and never in places where you block entrances to fields or residential areas.

Morfa Dyffryn Car Park

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The boardwalk is easily accessible from the car park and is flat and wide enough to cater for wheelchairs and pushchairs. However, please note that sand can accumulate on certain parts of the boardwalk, making it difficult to traverse.

There is a viewpoint with a picnic bench at the end of the boardwalk. Picnic tables are also in the car park.

There is an accessible toilet near the car park owned by The National Park Authority. Please note that the facilities are open seasonally.

The National Park Authority has categorised this route as an Access for All route, which is suitable for Tramper style mobility scooters. Trampers are specially-designed, all-terrain mobility scooters that allow people with difficulty walking to access some of the National Park’s most fantastic areas.

The National Park Authority offer a Tramper hire service free of charge, but donations are welcome. Donate

Request a Tramper for Benar Boardwalk
Information about Tramper Hire
Information about Accessibility in Eryri

Stay safe and help protect the coast by reading the information about safety and following the Marine Code.

Marine Code

Morfa Dyffryn

To the north of Benar Beach sits Morfa Dyffryn, a National Nature Reserve of national importance. Together with Morfa Harlech to the south, the two reserves form an almost continuous area of dunes along the coastline.

While the area may look bare and barren, it is teeming with life. The dunes are home to a wide range of specialised plants and animals, all specially adapted to life at the edge of the sea.

The flat areas between the dunes are known as ‘slacks’. In winter, they become waterlogged and often stay damp well into summer. The slacks develop a colourful display of wildflowers which make Morfa Dyffryn an excellent place for butterflies and insects. In addition, some nationally rare invertebrate species can be found here.

The sandy grasslands offer perfect growing conditions for some impressive and unique dune fungi. The dunes also support significant populations of breeding birds. The brown hare breeds in the area, while the creeks, swamps and ponds are home to grass snakes and great crested newts.

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